Jatly App – Messages Overview

There are 3 types of messages the Jatly app can receive:

  • Jats  - local general community chat messages
  • Alerts – messages of a local urgent or semi-urgent nature – sent by Moderators only
  • Coupons – advertised Coupons from local businesses – with the ability for you to earn 10Jatbytes each Coupon for your nominated beneficiary

All 3 messages can be seen under the “Messages” tab, at the bottom of the main Jatly screen.  To narrow down to see only either the Alerts or Coupons, select the tab of the same name.

Coupon’s arrive in the form of a digest, with a collection of up to 4 coupons received per digest.

On an Android platform you will see the Jatly logo  on your devices notification bar at the top indicating you have new coupons available. Pull down the notification bar to open and read each Alert/Coupon.

In iOS you will see all current coupons when checking your notifications in the Notification Centre. With notifications enabled you will see the Jatly logo in your phones notification bar indicating you have a new coupon.

Create New Message Screen on Android

Coupon Screen on iOS

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