The other day when I was Wikipediaing they hit me with the donate nag again, and this got me thinking that it would be just so much easier if they could fund the site through advertising – but yeah I understand why they can’t, and frankly I don’t want to be looking at ads plasted all over their pages either – the “donate nag” is already too much. So here is an idea where we can generate them loads of cash from advertising without placing a single ad on their site – hopefully enough cash that they will be able to take that damn “donate nag” down for good.

OK, here is how it works.

If you would like to help us, to help them, to help you….

  1. Install Jatly on your smartphone – (Android, or iPhone)
  2. Select Wikipedia as the beneficiary
  3. That’s it, you don’t have to spend any money

Here is what we are then going to do to help you, help us, to help them, to keep helping you…

  1. Wait till we get 10,000 users – we are doing that now – waiting that is. (We currently have 564 users – that number is dynamic – install the app on your phone, and you should see it go up by one.)
  2. When we are getting close to the 10,000 users, we will start using the app to deliver discount coupons to your phone.  Who knows which companies will elect to distribute their coupons through us, but I am hoping for half price pizza myself.
  3. In the early days we may run some “free” coupons to introduce advertisers to the concept, and to help us iron out any bugs, but once we have our 10,000 users then we will sell advertisers the privilege to post coupons, and hopefully make about 10 cents per coupon for wikipedia (or whichever charity that you have nominated – there are a few other orgs that you can select if you want to – like “Amnesty International” and “Khan Academy” – all worthy causes).
  4. We will aim to deliver 10 coupons per device per day – which should work out to $1 per day per user – which if my math is right is $10,000 per day to the organization that you have nominated - surely that will reduce the nagging a bit.

Let’s give it a go and see what we can achieve.

BTW I / we have no affiliation with Wikipedia or any of the other organisations that I have mentioned here, or that we provide as beneficiaries for you to select within the Jatly app.

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