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Using Jatly

Do I need to create a user?

A user account is not required to receive messages or coupons in the Jatly app or to earn points for your chosen beneficiary. However you may be asked to register with Jatly in order to obtain full use of all features. For example, if you wish to send a message using Jatly, you will need to create a user before you can do this

How do I create a user?

Click on the “Create User” option under the “Profile Items” menu .

Please see our Create a user page for more information.

What information do I need to provide?

You only need to provide a nickname, an email address and your password. If you wish you can also enter your First and Last name, but this is not necessary.

Nominating a Beneficiary

How do I select my child’s School as my Beneficiary?

Jatly will provide you with a list of Schools (Beneficiaries) from which you will be required to nominate a Beneficiary who will collect any points earned by you from your use of the Jatly App. Your nominated beneficiary will collect any points earned by you from your use of the Jatly App, until such time that you can select another Beneficiary.

What if the Beneficiary I want is not listed?

If the School you wish to select as your Beneficiary is not listed, then please send us a message at
We will then contact them to see if they wish to participate in the program.

How do I change my nominated School Beneficiary?

You can change your nominated beneficiary under the Profile Settings are within the Profile Tab.

Receiving Coupons and Earning Jatpoints

What are Jatpoints?

Jatpoints are the points that your nominated beneficiary earns from you receiving and accepting advertisements and coupons on your phone. Each point equates to about 1cent and you would usually earn about 10 points or 10 cents per coupon you accept.

What can Jatpoints be redeemed for?

Jatpoints can be redeemed by schools for IT equipment as part of our IT for Schools program. For organisations that do not require IT equipment, we will shortly allow them to redeemed their Jatpoints for vouchers for other items or even for cash payments.  Please see for more information on the IT for Schools program.

 Will I earn Jatpoints for just receiving the Advertisement/Coupon?

For your nominated School to receive Jatpoints, you have to open the Advert/Coupon and Tap Accept to confirm you have read it. This confirmation step is what gives this advertising medium an edge over other advertising method.

As a smartphone user, how many advertisements could I expect to receive?

The Jatly app will send up to 12 advertisements/coupons per phone per day, usually in batches of about 4 at a time,  depending on the number of advertisers targeting your geographic area.  Each phone can earn earn an average of $1.00 a day (100 Jatpoints) a day for their nominated School Beneficiary.

What time of day will I receive the coupons, and will they be received all at once?

The coupons will come through in batches of about 4 at a time. The usual times will be Morning, around Lunch and late afternoon.

How will I know I have received a coupon?

Coupon’s arrive in the form of a digest, with a collection of up to 4 coupons received per digest.

On an Android platform you will see the Jatly logo  on your devices notification bar at the top indicating you have new coupons available. Pull down the notification bar to open and read each Alert/Coupon.

In iOS you will see all current coupons when checking your notifications in the Notification Centre. With notifications enabled you will see the Jatly logo in your phones notification bar indicating you have a new coupon.

How do I accept a coupon?

As you review each coupon you tap the big accept button to move to the next one, and that tap – earns you the value that is displayed against the coupon – normally around ten Jatpoints.  So to accept 4 coupons will take you about 10 seconds, and you will earn 40 Jatpoints which equate to 40 cents.

Why do some coupons show payment amount of zero?

From time to time Jatly may run Free Trial campaigns for advertisers. When we are running one of these campaigns the amount you receive for accepting the coupon will be zero.   Although non-earning coupons do not earn Jatpoints for a School, the advertised special within the coupon is still valid for usage by the Smartphone user with the advertising business.

Redeeming Coupons

Do I have to use the Coupon before my Community Organisation earns the Jatpoints?

No. Just by confirming you have received and read the advertisement you have already earned Jatpoints.

How do I use the Coupon?

To use a coupon just show the coupon on the phone screen to the Advertising Businesses within the expiration period noted on the coupon screen.

When does the coupon expire?

The expiry date of the coupon will be listed in the coupon.

What if the Advertisers does not accept my coupon.

Please advise us immediately if you have any problems with redeeming a coupon.

Is there a chance Smartphone users could receive rude or inappropriate advertisements?

Jatly Australia Pty Ltd strive to keep a family friendly environment around their advertisements/coupons. Advertisers are required to agree to the Advertiser Agreement before being allowed to advertise with Jatly.  This is enforced with Jatly staff reviewing & approving each advertising campaign.

As a smartphone user, does the Jatly application use SMS to send me Advertisements?

No.  The Jatly app on the user’s smartphone uses the Internet connectivity to talk directly to the Jatly Australia Pty Ltd server.

Privacy & Data

What information does the Jatly app collect?

Data stored and used by the Jatly application is kept at a minimum.  Jatly is committed to protecting your privacy and we only use the information we collect about you to enhance your online experience. Please read our Privacy Policy which details the information we collect and why.

How is my personal information used?

Jatly Australia Pty Ltd considers the privacy of our users to be extremely important.  As mentioned in our Privacy Policy we only use the information we collect about you to enhance your online experience.  We do not rent, sell or share any information about our users with any third-parties.

How is my personal information secured?

We at Jatly Australia Pty Ltd are commitment to security.
We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security and the correct usage of the information we collect online.  This includes using a dedicated server to host our database with Firewall & Anti-Virus protection software. Jatly Australia Pty Ltd also take reasonable steps so that your privacy is protected when data is transferred over the Internet.

Please see our Privacy policy and our Terms & Conditions for further information.


How do I change my password?

You can change your password under the Profile Settings are within the Profile Tab.

Using Jatly as an Instant Messaging System

How do I send a message?

In order to send a message you must first create a user.



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