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Why do we need Jatly?

There’s a general perception within society that local communities have broken-down, and modern society has isolated more people than ever. Although we can chat to someone on the other side of the world through the internet, nobody seems to talk to their neighbours anymore? Jatly recognized that our communities have lost something really important…our community safety net… and an idea grew….  “Maybe we can use our modern technology to start pulling communities back together again!”

Jatly’s vision is to rebuild the community spirit, by re-establishing channels of communication, trust, and dependency within the community. Jatly provides a new medium to foster strong relationships which create harmony and prosperity – reinvigorating local business, local community organizations, and encouraging individual participation.

What if?

  • What if a parent of a lost child could call on the members of their local community the moment that they discover their child is missing?
  • What if a victim of crime could call for witnesses?
  • What if you could utilize your local community to help you find your lost dog?
  • What if you could ask if anyone would like to grab a bite to eat, or share a movie, or share a cab to the airport?
  • What if a coffee shop owner could invite in passing commuters with a 2 for 1 coffee deal or half price breakfast special?
  • What if you needed a lift into town, or needed someone to help you move your piano, and you could ask your local community for help?
  • What if you could ask members of your local community if anyone could recommend a good plumber?
  • What if there were a timely way to warn your community that power lines were down, or water crossing a flooded road?
  • What if you found a lost pet or child and you could let your community know directly, in real-time?
  • What if you were witnessing a crime in progress and could call on your local community for support?
  • What if you could easily and spontaneously organize community activities – such as a BBQ in your local park?

So what is Jatly?

Jatly is an Alert System– an “Alert Portal” that can be used to alert parents when their child needs help, when a storm is heading their way, or even when there is a 2 for 1 coffee deal at their local coffee shop.

Jatly delivers both warnings and opportunities, urgent and non-urgent, important and trivial messages. From alerting parents of a safety hazard, through to an opportunity to assist at the school tuck-shop, Jatly delivers the alerts that people want, when they want them.

Jatly is an Instant Messaging System– like Twitter, but local. It’s like a community noticeboard that’s always with you, as it’s on your smartphone. It’s the modern day version of the “grapevine” or “bush telegraph”.

Jatly is a Coupon Portal– like a wallet full of local coupons. Each week you will receive about 70 coupons from local businesses– all organized neatly in a searchable coupons folder on your smartphone.  Each coupon must pass our stringent value test. It must provide clearly identifiable value to the recipient.. that’s You, and that’s important!  But here is the kicker… you get paid to receive them!

When you receive a coupon – which usually comes through in batches of 4 each time, they show up in your phone’s notification bar. You then select the notification, and your phone will display each coupon in turn about 2 seconds apart. As you review each coupon, you Tap the Large Accept button to move to the next one, and that tap – earns you the value that is displayed against the coupon – normally around ten cents. So to accept 4 coupons will take you about 10 seconds, and you will earn about 40 cents.

Now that might not seem like a lot of money, but it is surprising how quickly it adds up, especially when we team together to support a local community organization– such as your schools P&C. So that is where the funds go – to the organization that you nominate.

It is one of those small things that we can do that collectively makes a BIG difference.

Learn more about using Jatly or download the App and start supporting your community.




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