For Local Businesses

With the event of modern information technology, traditional advertising just does not work as well as it used to. This has left many local business stranded and isolated from their local community.  Jatly provides a unique and cost effective coupon based advertising medium that delivers value to both local business and their prospective clients.

It is not that our local businesses don’t understand why traditional advertising has become ineffective and expensive, the problem is that there has not been an easy solution.  While some courageous pioneers have ventured into the unknowns of online advertising, the industry as a whole still can’t target your message to your local community as well as your local newspaper used to be able to.  Unfortunately that is the case – it used to be able to. Each day more and more people turn to their smart phone for their news and information. If we are to engage them, then their smartphone is where we need to reach them, and Jatly is how we will do it.

Jatly makes it possible. Possible to deliver a message to your local area. Possible to know that it was received and seen. Possible to deliver your message at the optimum time of day. Possible to have your message stored securely on your potential clients smartphone where they are not going to lose it or forget to take it with them.  Possible to know which of your advertisements they are responding to, – to know what is working and what is not.

Would you like to see for yourself?

We are so confident that you are going to love it, that we will give you your first campaign for free – no obligation. If it works for you, and we know that it will, then we have no doubt that you will run another, and another.

So let’s get started – simply click on the Purchase Campaign icon below to get started. Please enter the details for your offer and let us know the date you wish to start. To obtain your Free Campaign just enter the Coupon Code “free” in the coupon box on Checkout. Simple as that.

The coupon code “free” will provide you with a free 500 impression campaign valued at $60. You can only claim your free campaign once.

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