Why do we need Jatly?

Jatly solves three big problems simultaneously with one simple solution.  

1. Jatly connects locals.

Jatly connects locals so that they can call on each other for help – perhaps to share a cab into town, or help find a missing dog, and Jatly keeps them informed of local happenings – like the school closing early or of a flooded road. It provides a conduit for the ebb and flow of local information between locals. [more...]

2. Jatly empowers community organisations.

Jatly provides local community organisations with an on-going stream of funding, so that they can spend less time fundraising and more time making better communities. Jatly provides the local community with the opportunity to support its local community organizations at no cost to the organizations, their supporters, or themselves through advertising revenues from local business.  [more...]

3. Jatly promotes local businesses.

With the event of modern information technology, traditional advertising just does not work as well as it used to. This has left many local business stranded and isolated from their local community.  Jatly provides a unique and cost effective coupon based advertising medium that delivers value to both local business and their prospective clients.  [more...]

How does it work?

Jatly uses people’s smartphones to connect them utilizing methods that they are already familiar with.  Jatly uses alerts that are similar to SMS Message to deliver urgent messages – such as the school is closing early, and an instant messaging style of message to deliver non-urgent communications.

What is Jatly?

Jatly is a smartphone app that delivers alerts and instant messages from your local area. It allows you to both send and receive messages to and from other locals. It is kind of a live community bulletin board – in that everyone in your local area gets to read the messages and participate in the conversation, and by keeping things local, it eliminates the noise that is inevitable with global systems, ensuring that local messages are not flooded out by the continual chatter of a busy world. 

So what do you want to use Jatly for?

Click here to find where to get the Jatly App

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